Which online casino is better to play in Australia – new or old?

This question is usually asked by players who already have experience playing in online casinos. Together with the BestNetEntCasin.info team, we have done a number of tests, as they have a lot of experience working with the Australian online casino market and already have accounts in very old casinos with a long history.
We had the following questions on our agenda
1. Is there a greater chance of winning with a deposit bonus? – Answer: There is absolutely no difference to the slot machine whether you play with a bonus or without since from the casino side they do not send this information to the provider. By playing with a bonus, you only reduce your chance of stopping and withdrawing your winnings.
2. Does the new account perform better than the old one? Answer: It all depends on how often you play at a given casino and what is the last gaming session. As a rule, the provider keeps the information about your last game on its side for two months, after which you start from scratch in this slot machine. Plus or minus it is up to you to decide. If you lose, then you have a chance to try to come back and play again within two months. If you won, you know that you better not return to this slot/casino for 2 months.

The main conclusion that we made is that when playing in a casino, you must understand that the game is a risk. It doesn’t matter if you play every day in different casinos or just one. You should be comfortable with your losses and winnings.