Playing Real Money Slots

2007 to 2013 proved to be lean years for American slots gamblers who wanted to find legitimate real money slot machine operations online. Realtime Gaming had its network of sites, including the successful Bodog/Bovada brand of game. Meanwhile, Rival Gaming and Topgame Technology built smaller networks, while groups like the Cake Network continued to operate. These various companies were often based in the Caribbean, and not all of them had good reputations (though some did). US players could find a game, but the experience wasn’t always as positive as it was when they were playing at casinos whose parent companies were listed on the London Stock Exchange.

State Licensed Online Casinos

In late 2011, the U.S. Department of Justice announced it was changing its stance on its interpretation of the Wire Act. The new interpretation states the federal authorities have the right to prosecute violations of the Wire Act as it pertains to sports betting, but no other forms of gambling. This opened the door for state governments to license, regulate, and tax casino gaming and poker betting.

In 2012, the State of Delaware decided to legalize online casinos in their state. Delaware has long been considered the most sophisticated legal jurisdiction in the world, due to its long work as the US’s center of corporate law, so it was no surprise this particular state led all others in Internet gaming. When Nevada and New Jersey followed suit in 2013 with laws which would legalize online casinos, this probably surprised no one, since these two states have long embraced land-based gaming through their respective gambling capitals, Las Vegas and Atlantic City. The latest state to pass legislation regulating online gambling is Pennsylvania who are in the process of licensing and launching online casino and poker. What may surprise longtime observers of the American online gambling industry is the fact 4 other US states are set to consider expanding or establishing online gambling for real money in their jurisdictions in 2018. These states range from California, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts, which all have long histories of gaming-related activity. The upshot is that American gamblers should see more licensed, legal, and legit online slots casinos for real money than they have since 2006. The era of the UIGEA squelching most decent betting opportunities for American Internet users is almost over. till, some states might never legalize online gambling. Utah, for example, has always been devoutly anti-gambling.